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Bryce Canyon National Park [url=]]is a [[United States National Parks|United States National Park[/url]] that is located in [wiki=6a382f5bfa3db109c81ec4adbf70ff26]Utah[/wiki]'s [wiki=33f51d0e1f2c3d30006757a125f29fd7]Canyon Country[/wiki]. Some 35,835 acres (14,502 ha) or 56 mi² (145 km²) in extent, the designated area around the spectacular Bryce Canyon (not actually a canyon, but rather a giant natural amphitheater created by erosion) became a United States National Monument in 1923 and was designated as a National Park in 1928. The park is one of the most popular in Utah with nearly one million people visiting each year.
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    Bryce Canyon National Park is located in southern Utah 72 miles from [wiki=d3ca51346a0cdb968fbf185465cd45f2]Zion National Park[/wiki], and a short distance from [wiki=dfa995b83e7e0e2a8a9b05077fcb05c8]Cedar Breaks National Monument[/wiki], [wiki=e34460f1473cd3eec9c065d6cd1117e2]Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument[/wiki], [wiki=97b9a8541a67a26a985f32c344fa9d41]Paria Canyon[/wiki], and large sections of BLM, and other land preserved for outdoor activities. Both Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park are among the most visited parks in Utah, with Zion being the larger of the two nationally governed lands. The Grand Staircase is pristine wilderness that touches the very boundary of the national park, and offers a different type of experience.
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    Private, non-commercial vehicles must pay a $25 entrance fee that is good for 7 days. Holders of the National Park Pass ($80), which allows access to all National Parks for one year, do not have to pay this fee. For individuals (applies to motorcycles, bicyclists, or individuals traveling on foot) the fee is $12 for 7 days (National Park Pass holders are again exempt). The entrance fee includes free and unlimited use of the park shuttles during the summer.
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    Sunrise Point. Located near the Bryce Canyon Lodge, Sunrise Point provides an inspiring view of the canyon amphitheatre, with light best at (surprise!) sunrise.
    * Sunset Point. Located a short hike from Sunrise Point along the Rim Trail, and also accessible by car, Sunset Point offers an alternative view of the canyon amphitheatre with best light occurring at sunset.
    * Inspiration Point. Another viewpoint accessible by car or from the Rim Trail, Inspiration View's name is well-deserved. Photography from this overlook is best at sunset.
    * Bryce Point. One of the most dramatic overlooks in the park, Bryce Point offers a tremendous panorama of the hoodoos and the surrounding landscape. It is accessible either by car or along the rim trail.
    * Natural Bridge. Formed from an eroded hoodoo, the natural bridge is an interesting feature, although it may not impress those expecting an enormous natural arch.
    * Rainbow Point. Located at the end of the park road, Rainbow Point and Yovimpa Point provide lookouts onto more hoodoos and also allow access to park trails including the Under the Rim Trail and the Riggs Spring Loop Trail.
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    The visitor center has a well-stocked gift shop featuring books, posters, and numerous other souvenirs. The general store (located near Sunrise Point) offers food, camping supplies, and more souvenirs. There is also a gift shop located within Bryce Canyon Lodge.

    Outside of the park is a mind-numbing array of shops catering to tourists and offering treasures ranging from pop-tarts to bumper stickers.
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    The general store located near Sunrise Point offers basic food supplies. Bryce Canyon Lodge has a dining room offering breakfast, lunch and dinner; reservations for dinner are required.

    If you're staying late in the park to watch the sunset, keep in mind that nearly all restaurants close at 9 o'clock; the grocery store stays open for about an hour later.
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    Be especially careful with children around the canyon edges; drop-offs are steep and not all areas are protected by railings. During thunderstorms avoid isolated trees and open areas and, if possible, stay in your vehicle to protect against lightning strikes. There is little danger from mountain lions, but should one be encountered gather small children, back away slowly, and make yourself look as large as possible.

    Altitude in the park reaches as high as 9,100 feet, so most visitors will experience some shortness of breath while hiking, and in extreme cases headaches and respiratory problems may be experienced. For those not used to the elevation, pace yourself and take a few days to acclimate before attempting any strenuous physical activity.

    Unlike the other national parks of southern Utah, heat is not a major problem due to the park's high elevation. Temperatures rarely reach 90°F (32°C), even during the height of day in summer months.
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    [wiki=d3ca51346a0cdb968fbf185465cd45f2]Zion National Park[/wiki]. Zion National Park is located 78 miles west of Bryce National Park and offers incredible scenery amongst sandstone canyons.
    * Red Canyon is nine miles west of Bryce Canyon located along Highway 12, allowing views up at hoodoos similar to those in Bryce Canyon. The road passes through two man-made arches, and hiking trails are open year-round, weather permitting, but the visitor center is seasonal.

    Towns near Bryce Canyon

    * [wiki=ba94e506429cf23bde1a882085f22c49]Mount Carmel Junction[/wiki] - 60 miles, and 12 miles from Zion National Park
    * [wiki=c722c7cea51edc90389bf04860ff9613]Panguitch[/wiki] is the largest of the nearby towns, and is located on US-89.
    * [wiki=dd051265f953b95b77cb8f27a501e04c]Tropic[/wiki] borders Bryce Canyon to the NW.

    Bryce Canyon National Park lies near the [wiki=33f51d0e1f2c3d30006757a125f29fd7]Canyon Country[/wiki] region of Utah. Other nearby parks are:

    * [wiki=d3ca51346a0cdb968fbf185465cd45f2]Zion National Park[/wiki] - is located 72-miles from Bryce Canyon and most travelers put both on their vacation list.

    * [wiki=dfa995b83e7e0e2a8a9b05077fcb05c8]Cedar Breaks National Monument[/wiki] - A spectacular National Monument located off SR-14, located 45 miles from [wiki=ba94e506429cf23bde1a882085f22c49]Mount Carmel Junction[/wiki].

    * [wiki=680c5980a74c56d20ae8127c525c452b]Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park[/wiki] - A fun state park on the east side of Zion, 11-miles from [wiki=ba94e506429cf23bde1a882085f22c49]Mount Carmel Junction[/wiki].

    * [wiki=e34460f1473cd3eec9c065d6cd1117e2]Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument[/wiki] - Rustic and wild, the White Cliffs of the Grand Staircase loom in the distance from many of Zion's hiking routes and rims Bryce Canyon.

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