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Grand Teton National Park [url=]]is a [[United States National Parks|United States National Park[/url]] that is located in the [wiki=6902d01bdb6e6b7418e0d8f1945ad99d]Rocky Mountains[/wiki], in [wiki=e9650da7eb41677b6c03d91cf4fb717b]Northwest[/wiki] [wiki=823ee6401883db6f9e5865f51c77d97c]Wyoming[/wiki]. The park is south of [wiki=20b2aa719001c6aa18a203d3e7f08207]Yellowstone National Park[/wiki] and just north of the town of [wiki=5db2915d3cdb145231034a8d8de42c06]Jackson[/wiki]. Grand Teton National Park is noted for its stunning mountain vistas, its shimmering alpine lakes and its abundant wildlife.
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    All vehicles and individuals entering the park must pay an entrance fee that is valid for seven days. The entrance fee provides entry to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Fees are $30 for non-commercial vehicles, $12 for hikers and cyclists, and $20 for motorcycles. A National Parks Pass ($80 and valid for one year) provides free entrance to all national parks and monuments. A lifetime senior pass (62+) provides access to all National Parks for $10. From December through mid-April a winter day use pass is also available for $5 per person (Grand Teton National Park only).

    Grand Teton National Park is a bit curious in that the ranger stations where you pay the entry fees lie fairly deep within the park. This essentially means that sections of the park can be accessed for free, including Jackson Hole Airport.
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    Most visitors to the park drive around, because of the distances involved. Some hardy souls bike or hike.
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    There are turnouts and scenic overlooks throughout the park which offer a good view of Grand Teton's many mountains. Here are just a few highlights:

    * Oxbow Bend About a mile east of Jackson Lake Junction. Besides the view of Mt. Moran, many types of birds can be seen here.
    * Cathedral Group turnout This turnout offers a great view of the three highest peaks in the Teton range: Teewinot, the Grand Teton and Mt. Owen.
    * Teton Glacier turnout About 4 miles north of Moose Junction on Teton Park Road, this turnout highlights the largest glacier in the park.
    * Snake River Overlook This overlook is along U.S. 26/89/191. Ansel Adams took a famous photograph of the Tetons from this site.
    * Schwabacher's Landing This dirt road, off U.S. 26/89/191, forks into two branches, one labeled for cars, the other for boats. Both branches have parking, and they lead to nice views of the Tetons and their reflections in the Snake River.
    * Signal Mountain Turn off the park road south of Jackson Lake Junction. A fairly narrow paved spur road climbs to a parking area, then a very short walk to the summit gives an excellent 360 degree view of Jackson Hole.

    Besides the mountains, there are other attractions worth seeing:

    * Colter Bay Indian Arts Museum Many Native American artifacts are on display here. Video presentations about the park are frequently shown. Gift store. Free admission.
    * Menor's Ferry This is a reconstruction of an 1890s ferry that crossed the Snake River.

    * Chapel of the Transfiguration This Epicopalian log cabin chapel, in a meadow near Moose Junction on Teton Park Road, has a view of the mountains through an altar window. There are also stained glass windows that depict the mountainous landscape.
    * Chapel of the Sacred Heart This Catholic chapel, near Jackson Lake Junction, has a rustic feel with its log cabin construction.
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    A worthwhile and fun activity is to see Hidden Falls by Jenny Lake. You can hike 2.5 miles to the falls and take a boat ride back ($7 one way, $10 round trip). The falls and whitewater is spectacular as it makes its mad dash down to Jenny Lake. Be sure to be on the lookout for rock climbers near the falls.

    Beyond Hidden Falls the hiking trail continues with a climb up to Inspiration Point which affords a spectacular view over Jenny Lake and Jackson Hole. After another climb the trail flattens out and heads west along highly scenic Cascade Canyon. Eventually the trail reaches Lake Solitude.

    Paddling a canoe along the Snake River from Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek Landing Takeout (5 miles). This is a calm trip through the Oxbow Bend area, which is famous for its views of the Teton Range. Varied birdlife, including eagles, ospreys, pelicans and waterfowl, can be expected along the route. The closest place to rent a canoe is at Dornans [] in Moose.
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    10-mile scenic float trips on the Snake River within Grand Teton National Park.
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    Colter Bay Village
    * The John Colter Cafe Court has Mexican and American fare. It's quick and decent.
    * Chuckwagon Restaurant - nice sit down dinner type of restaurant. They have breakfast buffet (7.95 for cold 11.95 for cold and hot). Drinks ordered charge extra (e.g. orange juice $2.5, Latte $3.65ish)

    Jackson Lake Lodge
    * The Pioneer Grill offers counter service with light meals, snacks and soda fountain treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner, open daily 6AM-10:30PM. Service is not very quick and the food is not great, but it's open all the time.
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    Due to the political deals which made Grand Teton National Park a reality, a mix of concessioner lodging, private guest ranches and camping is available within the park. Apart from the in-park accommodations, [wiki=5db2915d3cdb145231034a8d8de42c06]Jackson[/wiki] is the closest town with many lodging options.
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    The weather can change rapidly in this mountainous region. Temperatures can plummet with little advance warning. Lightning is a real danger. Watch the skies, and if you hear thunder, take shelter within a structure or lower your profile to the sky.
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    [wiki=20b2aa719001c6aa18a203d3e7f08207]Yellowstone National Park[/wiki] - The world's largest concentration of geysers, hot springs and other geothermal features is a short drive to the north from Grand Teton National Park on U.S. 89/191/287. Yellowstone also has bison, elk, antelope and bears. Admission to Grand Teton also allows entry into Yellowstone, but be prepared to show your pass at the entrance gate.

    [wiki=b0d6fd9a67c070ebf7dba1dfec9292cc]Dmoz:North America/United States/Wyoming/Travel and Tourism/Parks/National Parks and Monuments/Grand Teton National Park/[/wiki]

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