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The island of Maui is one of the islands of [wiki=a85df3d66bde576d3b62caaf527f2daa]Hawaii[/wiki], a state of the [wiki=1f122dd19db580fd03635dd699fb49de]United States of America[/wiki]. It is the second largest of the eight major islands.

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    [wiki=fc45e3258bed8dcae88f0dc0b3da94df]Hana[/wiki] -- a small isolated town on the rugged eastern coast of Maui. It is well known for its 52 mile scenic drive which connects it to Kahului. The drive can take up to four hours, complete with one lane bridges and hairpin turns. Surrounding the city are lush rainforests, while rolling pastures are prevalent even on Main Street. Hana is home to the historic St. Sophia’s Church as well as beautiful black sand beaches running along the shoreline.
    * [wiki=bf67e1b5236f0e607c8505ddc1f43a31]Haiku[/wiki] -- an iconic example of Maui’s cultural melting pot. Nestled ten miles upcountry past Paia, the township is known for its agricultural aspects and plantations. It consists of little more than a post office, several shops, and quiet suburbs.
    * [wiki=16af6d6c1956205802da21e1ef453901]Kahului[/wiki] -- was built in the 1950s by a plantation company, and hailed as a "dream city". It is the commercial hub and transportation center of Maui with the two largest malls, main airport and a deep-water port.
    * [wiki=7428ca33bc75bd0ad63678ae272f4db9]Kaanapali[/wiki] -- a tourist heavy region on the west coast. Close to Lahaina, this city sports many hotels and festivals to draw in visitors.
    * [wiki=ccf0590c3a98d577f5ac806bc4305baa]Kapalua[/wiki] -- rests at the foot of the West Maui Mountains and is home to one of the most luxurious resort areas on Maui. The region is comprised of a multitude of clear bays and sandy beaches, which showcase championship golf courses along with numerous boutiques and award-winning restaurants.
    * [wiki=0561205ba217eae7a06472b66cee2d7f]Kihei[/wiki] -- is a renowned tourist destination, featuring condos and beaches on the southwest coast near the volcano, Haleakala.
    * [wiki=fec00a34c17e37c440d044f82ea4f7ae]Lahaina[/wiki] -- was once a historic whaling village which has been transformed into a cultural center with many art galleries and museums. With various beach and whaling tours, the city has become one of the main tourist attractions on Maui.
    * [wiki=a5daeb883779a668b87ad13a607d501c]Napili[/wiki]-- a beach town on northwest shore near Kapalua which offers calm waters protected by an offshore reef.
    * [wiki=88970e84faa481d332c7a9e173b9c8ae]Paia[/wiki] -- became an important city when sugar mills were built nearby. Since their construction in the late 1800s, immigrants of diverse backgrounds including Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese flocked to the region for work. The beautiful rural area is currently known for its beaches and surfing/windsurfing locations.
    * [wiki=c6d4038f01bbb26679fca29e9b8684dd]Wailea and Makena[/wiki] -- are master-planned resort areas located just south of Kihei.
    * [wiki=28815e14ec7d8fe6e160f4b17ccc4df2]Wailuku[/wiki] -- the northwestern region of Maui, ten minutes from Kahului airport. The city offers as a gateway into the Iao valley, which was once a burial ground for Hawaiian Chiefs. It houses the county seat of Maui’s local government, and is a large commercial center with a variety of unique storefronts.
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    Lahaina Town- Not even counting the beaches, Lahaina is the most visited spot in Maui. This is the only town in Maui with an extenuating menu for nightlife activity and where one can find all the action. Lahaina is nestled between the calm waters of the Auau Channel facing the island of Lanai and the verdant peaks and valleys of the West Maui Mountain Ranger. The town is perched on the western edge of Maui and is known as the gateway to the pristine beach resorts of Kapalua and Kaanapali which are located just to the north. Lahaina Town hosts some two million visitors a year. A little more than 9,118 people reside within the town's 5.8 square miles.

    * [wiki=523024d9dcd96eef871edbddaec77419]Haleakala National Park[/wiki] - has more endangered species than any other park in the NPS, even including species that are listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service but not native to the park. Isolation of the Hawaiian Islands from any mainland resulted in unique evolution here. There are only two native Hawaiian land mammals, the monk seal and the hoary bat. There are no native land amphibians or reptiles. Whales, turtles, dolphins and seabirds can sometimes be seen off-shore, while an afternoon spent looking for a glimpse of the freshwater inhabitants (shrimp, rock-climbing goby, other fish) can be a cool and rewarding way to spend your time. Haleakala is famous for its endangered silversword plant. Growing where it seems that almost nothing grows, it is a stunning contrast to the stark landscape.

    *Iao Valley- A Hawaiian nature center that offers educational programs and hiking tours. The valley center is open daily from 10-4. The Nature Center also features the Interactive Nature Museum where over 30-hands on exhibits can be found about the plants, animals, and natural history of Hawaii can be found. At the top of the ridge, there is a look out that over sees the valley and the Kahului Harbor.

    *Wailea Resort- Located in South, Maui Luxury. Nestled comfortably at the base of Haleakala along Maui's southern coast, Wailea is a resort community consisting of luxury hotels, private homes condominiums. Its name translates to "water of Lea." ( Lea is the goddess of Hawaiian canoe makers.) The resort also features an 18-hole golf course that host the annual Wendy's Champions Skins Game with appearances by Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Tom Watson. One could also enjoy tennis, the spa, shopping, and the beautiful beach.

    *Road to Hana- A Slice of Maui Heaven- Hana rests at the end of the 50-mile Hana Highway (360) that features 600 hairpin turns and 54 one-lane bridges. Stop often to drink in the sheer natural beauty that surrounds you: waterfalls, bamboo jungles, tropical flowers, tranquil ponds and scenic vistas. Tip: If you are prone to motion sickness, this may not be the activity for you.
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    Kahului Airport [url=http://www.maui-airport.com/]] is the main airport for the island of Maui, and the second largest commercial airport in the state. It is a secondary hub for Hawaiian Airlines, which provides interisland service to Kahului from the other major airports in the state. Several major U.S. airlines also provide non-stop service to Maui from the West Coast and beyond. Kahului airport can be reached non-stop from [[Anchorage[/url]], [wiki=1e4eb05040e68d9312eb6ed016eaa4d8]Calgary[/wiki], [wiki=9cfa1e69f507d007a516eb3e9f5074e2]Chicago[/wiki], [wiki=09ea9b5e69df9e1385463fde29bc41cf]Dallas[/wiki], [wiki=67100af8b08e073c3ba7f4de2707584b]Denver[/wiki], [wiki=25d43c379dc973b097d7d3ee052d7d2a]Edmonton[/wiki], [wiki=fc45e3258bed8dcae88f0dc0b3da94df]Hana[/wiki], [wiki=bcb8ae52fac0155ba5815b4464426e9e]Hilo[/wiki], [wiki=904b6f7e29f77065ee9977b30660617c]Honolulu[/wiki], [wiki=1c11be8c2028955f9954b90205ec1add]Hoolehua[/wiki], [wiki=3683ec01f50e317980717e29af87ffff]Kamuela[/wiki], [wiki=ccf0590c3a98d577f5ac806bc4305baa]Kapalua[/wiki], [wiki=fe22175e2d34b84a34b4d8a405fa8e3a]Lanai City[/wiki], [wiki=0d3af0c37b274f56739815341ebf3cab]Lihue[/wiki], [wiki=d0aa2dffa0da83f1f34681308d04db5d]Los Angeles[/wiki], [wiki=ca442975313ffa75bbac92e69d79507f]Oakland[/wiki], [wiki=5047bc596a4bab2dc7f7c120bb22dec5]Phoenix[/wiki], [wiki=e7410c7c47562ef40b190763b5487c89]Portland[/wiki], [wiki=2ff4bdbec0419eb92d7fada8b262b480]Sacramento[/wiki], [wiki=c91861082e1f5c54d7a723f28fbf1be1]Salt Lake City[/wiki], [wiki=f4334fdfa1c728eae375fe781e2e2d9d]San Francisco[/wiki], [wiki=fd9338593b1a5ec176616b8ebbb90d2c]San Jose[/wiki], [wiki=4c54c163f43d0ac8512df032b3b07bff]Seattle[/wiki] and [wiki=38278119f2c41ca7aedcbc55eabf73cd]Vancouver[/wiki].

    To get to Lahaina and Kaanapali, where most major hotels are located, exit the airport and follow route 380 to its junction with route 30, and turn left on route 30 toward Lahaina. For Kihei and Wailea, follow the above instructions and turn left on route 31 about a mile (1.6 km) from the route 380 junction.

    When departing from Kahului Airport for the U.S. Mainland, all baggage must be inspected by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture inspectors at the airport. Be advised that fresh fruits (with the exception of pineapples and treated papayas) are prohibited from leaving the islands to prevent the spread of fruit flies. Remember that this inspection occurs before you get to your gate, so you won't be able to enjoy your last fruit while waiting for your departing flight.

    There are smaller general aviation airports Kapalua and Hana .

    The JHM West Maui Kapalua airport is a very small airport that is located just north of Lahaina and Kaanapali and on the West side of Maui. This airport is only a few miles south of Kapalua, which is the closest city to this airport. Since this airport is so small, only propeller airplanes are accepted to land. It also does not have any flights in or out after dark because of the lack of lighting on the runway. The airport was named after a pilot, John Henry Magoon, who was the President of Hawaiian Airlines when the airport was opened. The Kapalua airport only flies between itself and the island of Oahu (Honolulu) or the Big Island of Hawaii. Occasionally, does the airport send flights to the island of Lanai. The main airline used for this airport is Mokulele because most of their planes are 1-propeller Cessna aircrafts.

    The Hana Airport is an even smaller airport on the east side of Maui and only three miles from the small town of Hana. This airport only allows small single-engine propeller planes fly on or out. Mokolele is a small airline that flies a few flights in and out of Hana. You can only fly to Hana airport from the main Maui airport in Kahului or very rarely from Honolulu.
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    While Maui has a basic public transportation system [http://www.mauicounty.gov/bus/], many places are not accessible by bus, and most visitors rent a car. Fortunately, renting a car in Hawaii is relatively inexpensive, except during the holidays. The resort areas around Kihei, Wailea and Lahaina also have a bus that connects the towns with nearby shopping and attractions.
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    [wiki=523024d9dcd96eef871edbddaec77419]Haleakala National Park[/wiki] offers alpine wilderness and stunning views of Maui and beyond (from the summit you can see five of the eight main islands, more than are visible from anywhere else in Hawaii). Two entrances, one from Highway 36 and one from Highway 37, go to separate parts of the park.

    Wainapanapa State Park [url=http://www.hawaiistateparks.org/hawaiistateparks/parks/maui/index.cfm?park_id=41]]has black sand beach, sea arch, sea caves, a small blowhole to see. In Hana at end of Wai‘anapanapa Road off Hana Highway (Highway 360), 52.8 miles (85 km) (3 hour drive) east of Kahului Airport.

    Iao Valley State Monument [http://www.hawaiistateparks.org/parks/maui/index.cfm?park_id=36[/url] brings you on a short trail through greenery, a garden and a stream. You can also climb up on a paved trail to a view of the ocean and Iao Needle. From Kahului go west on ‘Iao Valley Road (Highway 32) through Wailuku to the end of the road. $5 state park parking fee.

    * one of the most popular attractions in Maui and part of the Haleakala National Park. This location has a string of pools and waterfalls throughout, with lower pools being easy to access for those who want to jump in. The location also has public restrooms, large parking areas, and camping spaces.At last report, 'Ohe'o stream was closed to visitors until further notice. Check with the NPS website before heading out.

    * a non-profit organization, has been providing educational programs on Hawaii's environment since 1981. It is located in Oahu and Maui and offers programs for kids and adults to help encourage visitors to preserve the environment. Adults and children can participate in weekend activities, excursions, and community-based environmental projects.
    * If you get into tropical gardens and fruit, this might be for you.
    * Aquarium, sea animals and the like.
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    As soon as you land in Kahului Airport you’ll notice shops lining the second level of building. Places like Pineapple County which offer a variety of clothing options, Maui Divers Jewelry Shop, and Starbucks stretch out along the sides of the corridor. While there are many unique knickknacks, trinkets, and food to spark an interest, beware of the tourist trap that is an American airport, many stores augment prices to lure passengers right off of the plane. However, As one would expect from a tourist mecca like Maui, there are even more shopping hot spots once you begin your exploration of Maui. ABC Stores can be found all over Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands offer souvenirs and beach supplies (such as sunscreen and straw mats) at potentially lower prices than tourist traps. Lahaina is a good place to "walk the shops", where you can find Old Lahaina Book Emporium. Maui is also home to a plethora of flower farms like the tropical flower and protea farm, Maui Floral, located in Makawao, about 20 min from Kahului airport off route 37. Kaanapali has Whaler's Village Shops and Restaurants, home to lots of stores and restaurants, including plenty of high-end merchandise such as Coach and Tiffany. Paia is a small artist and aging hippie colony with a reasonable and varied mix of shops and galleries worth your time, as well as restaurants. It is located just before Mama's Fish House Restaurant. A nice open air mall can be found in the Wailea luxury area, and on the way you can stop by Kihea at one of two flea market type shopping areas.
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    Fresh produce is widely available at road side stands. Banana bread, coconut candy, smoothies and seasonal fruit are all highlights of a drive around Maui.
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    There are very few bars and nightclubs on the Island seeings how this is not really part of the Hawaiian culture. However, Most restaurants, if not all, on the Island serve drinks. If you do not see a bar you particularly like, check out one of the many restaurants in the Eat section.

    *Hotel Hana Maui. Open till 10pm for cocktails and serving pupu's till 9pm nightly.

    *Largely up-class dining and drinks. Saturday night is ladies night in the nightclub with DJ Blast. The nightlife is alive Up Country, and the euro crowd from Makawao and Paia will be dancing till the LC kills the party at 1:30 nightly.
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    Before choosing an accommodation, consider where you would like to spend your time. There are many cities on Maui near different attractions. Also consider whether a hotel, resort, condominium or bed-and-breakfast best match your style and budget.
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    To get from Maui to the other Hawaiian Islands usually involves a short plane flight. If you want to go to Honolulu you will find frequent non-stop service. Most other destinations offer a couple of non-stop flights a day or a stop in, you got it, Honolulu.

    Ferries run 5 times a day between Lahaina and the island of Lanai. Each way takes approximately 45 minutes, and costs $25 per person per direction. During high winds the boat ride can be particularly rough, so bring something for seasickness if you don't do well on boats. Cruise ships are also an interesting option.

    When leaving Maui for the U.S. Mainland, all baggage must be inspected by U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors at the airport. Be advised that fresh fruits (with the exception of pineapples and treated papayas) are prohibited from leaving the islands to prevent the spread of fruit flies. Consult the U.S. Department of Agriculture [url=http://www.aphis.usda.gov/lpa/pubs/fsheet_faq_notice/notice_hawaii.html]]for more details. Bags are inspected by X-ray. At Kahului Airport, be prepared to submit to three checkpoints on the way to your Mainland flight: having your checked bags X-rayed for agricultural items in the ticket lobby, the TSA security checkpoint, and inspection of your carry-on baggage for agricultural items on the way to your gate. Boop



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